Speakers at Teen Mania events, and others who've endorsed Teen Mania programs in print or on video.

Individuals who expressed their support of Teen Mania via a videotape shown at "Day One," April 2, 1999, which was included on a videotape of that event later sold by Teen Mania. They were introduced as "fathers and mothers of the faith" by Ron Luce.

  • Joyce Meyer (televangelist)
  • Roger Cross, President, Youth For Christ, Campus Life
  • Dal Shealy, President, Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Bill Bright, Founder/President, Campus Crusade for Christ (deceased)
  • Bill McCartney, President, Promise Keepers
  • James Robison (televangelist)
  • Freda Lindsay, co-founder, Christ For The Nations
  • Dawson McAllister
  • Morris Cerullo, Founder, President, World Evangelism
  • Robert Schuller, Pastor, "Hour of Power"
  • Pat Robertson, President, CBN / 700 Club
  • David Mainse, "100 Huntley Street" (Toronto, Canada televangelist)
  • Tommy Barnett (Phoenix First Assembly of God)
  • Creflo Dollar (World Changers Church International, College Park, Georgia)
  • Barbara Bush, former First Lady
  • President George H.W. Bush

Speakers at "Day One," Pontiac Silverdome, April 23-24, 1999 - Teen Mania's first stadium-sized event. (Not a complete list)

  • Ryan Dobson
  • Jerry Falwell, Thomas Road Baptist Church / Liberty University
  • Myles Munroe, Bahamas Faith Ministries
  • John Maxwell, INJOY
  • Josh McDowell

Individuals advertised in Teen Mania materials as participating in "Day One" but who were not present for the event itself

  • E. V. Hill (deceased)
  • Beverly LaHaye, Concerned Women for America

Speakers at "Stand Up," Pontiac Silverdome, April 2000 (Not a complete list)

  • Marvin Winans
  • Jack Hayford
  • John Maxwell
  • Myles Munroe
  • Bill Hybels
  • Tommy Barnett
  • Dawson McAllister
  • Josh McDowell
  • Reggie White (deceased)
  • Pat Robertson
  • Steven Ford
  • President Gerald R. Ford (deceased)

Speakers at "Stand Up Florida," St. Petersburg, Florida, March 2-3, 2001 (from the event manual)

  • John Maxwell
  • Myles Munroe
  • Ted Haggard
  • Katie Luce
  • Wally Magdangal
  • Bruce Olsson
  • Jack Hayford
  • Pam Stenzel
  • Josh McDowell

Speakers at "Stand Up: the Invasion," Indianapolis, Indiana, April 19-20, 2002 (from the event manual)

  • Bruce Wilkinson
  • Pam Stenzel
  • Heather Mercer
  • Dayna Curry
  • Kurt Warner
  • Wally Magdangal
  • "Sting" (Steve Borden)
  • "The Million Dollar Man" (Ted DiBiase)
  • Mike Skupin
  • Jeanne Mayo
  • "The Russian Nightmare" (Nikita Koloff)

"Board of Reference" from 1993-1994 "Acquire the Fire" brochure. Affiliations are current unless indicated.

  • Billy Joe Daugherty, Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Howard L. Foltz, Guest Professor, Southwest Christian University, and Professor of Divinity, Regent University
  • Willie George, Church on the Move, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Carlton Pearson, New Dimensions Worship Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Gregg Johnson, Jesus at Twelve, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; former National Youth Director, International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
  • Jim Kaseman, Association of Faith Churches and Ministers, Branson, Missouri
  • Terry Law, President, World Compassion, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Charles Snow, Professor of Preaching and Leadership, Oral Roberts University
  • Robert (Bob) Stamps, Beulah United Methodist Church, Richmond, Virginia; Chaplain, Oral Roberts University (1971-82)
  • Eric Watt, Reaching Unreached Nations, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Hugh (Hubert) Morken, former Professor of Political Science, Regent University, and former Professor of Government, Oral Roberts University
  • Tommy Reid, The Tabernacle, Orchard Park, New York, and board member, Church Growth International
  • Bob Weiner, Weiner Ministries International, Gainesville, Florida

Posted 2006-04-30
Last updated 2007-01-15